About us

Stefano Forever Group

Stefano Forever Group was born from the idea of a Milanese entrepreneur: creating something unique, combining a passion for Mediterranean cuisine with the Tropezienne art of “faire la fête”. In 1990, he created the first restaurant with a festive vocation on the French Riviera.

Stefano Novena, born in 1958, began his adventure in St Tropez in the year 2000 before expanding to Megeve, where he conquered international elites with spectacular dinners and exclusive events.

Today, Stefano Forever Group collaborates with the world’s most prestigious hospitality and entertainment groups including Bagatelle, Paris Society and Moma Groupe.

The newest gambit is Taormina, the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

First, Stefano Forever Taormina, a festive restaurant with panoramic views of Mount Etna and the sea, located just a few steps from Porta Catania, then the trendy Boutique “Les Icones Boheme” in the pure Hippy Chic spirit, nestled in the historic center, and last but not least…

Nuova Spiaggia Paradiso, exceptional international beach.